What We Do

Strong, organized communities are the foundation of sustainable change. Here at USA4R we are intentional about building a community of civically engaged persons using a truly democratic process, the way our government ought to be. Our approach is simple.

Building Friendships

We offer opportunities for people to get together and vent about issues they care about. The atmosphere is opening and welcoming in an attempt to build a community of people who are comfortable talking politics. A strong democracy is only possible with engaged individuals and that’s our goal.

Engagement Opportunities

If you are ready to be engaged outside of happy hours, volunteer opportunities, and get togethers, you can join or we can help you start a group working on a particular issue. For instance we currently have groups and partnerships with organizations working on:

Having a More Representative Government
Reforming Texas Department of Transportation to Focus Less on Highways and More On Public Transportation

If you are interested in getting involved with any of these groups, sign-up on our homepage or send an email to Darryl.Alexander@usa4r.org


The end goal is to build a community of civically engaged individuals. Through cooperative principles we drive cooperation between members. If we come together to pool time, resources, knowledge, and money to create change, anything is possible. If you are interested in officially joining our ranks, reach out today!