Guide to 2020 Congressional District 2 Democratic Primary

Texas’ 2nd Congressional district is currently held by Republican Daniel Crenshaw, who will not face a primary opponent. Below is a short overview of the Democratic Candidates vying to challenge him in the primary. I mainly focused on how their platform tackled environment, economic, and healthcare issues. TX-2 is a traditionally red district, but has went from R+24 to R+9 in the past two congressional races.

Of the three candidates, Elisa has been campaigning the longest while the other two entered the race on or near the last day to do so. Even with this, Sima has raised the most money to date and has the most endorsements. This is in part to her connection to Beto O’Rourke and the Democratic party establishment. Elisa is my choice here. She had been pounding the pavement, getting out in the community for over 9 months before her competitors entered. She’s outworked her competitors campaigning and I believe she would outwork them if elected to office.

Elisa Cardnell
Profession : Teacher
Key Facts:
– Moratorium on fracking
– Subsidize clean energy
– Supports a $15 minimum wage
– Wants to strengthen laws to encourage unions
– Ban for profit charters
– No Corporate PAC funding
Elisa’s USA4R Questionnaire

Verdict: Elisa has been knocking doors and pounding the pavement nearly a year before her competitors decided to enter the race. More liberal on the environment and healthcare than Sima and Travis, she is the preferred choice in this race. Her grassroots work makes me think she would be an amazing congresswoman. In a race where there isn’t much to separate candidates policy wise, she stands out as the one most in tune with regular citizens.

Sima Ladjevarian
Profession: Lawyer
Key Facts:
– Public option healthcare
– Believes natural gas is an important part of the transition to renewable energies
– Supports Universal Pre-K

Verdict: Sima is the establishment choice. Gained a load of endorsements as soon as she filed, which was on the last day. Big on name recognition as a top fundraiser for Beto O’Rourke’s Senate race in 2018.

Travis Olsen
Profession: Former Department of Homeland Security Employee
Key Facts:
– Wants to build off of Obamacare
– Supports limits on fracking and fossil fuel reduction

Verdict: Quit his job at DHS because he couldn’t work there under Trump. Immigration is his most fleshed out policy, not much substance on other issues.

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