Democratic Guide to 2020 Texas State Legislature 147 Primary

Texas’ State District is currently represented by Democrat Garnet Coleman, who will face two primary opponents. Below is a short overview of everyone in that primary. I mainly focused on how their platform tackled environment, gun safety, and healthcare issues. Check out their individual websites to learn more.

Aurelia Wagner
Profession : Teacher
Key Facts:
– Expand Medicaid to reduce the uninsured persons in Texas, where we have the highest uninsured rate in the country.
– Tuition free university and community colleges
– Legalizing marijuana
– Full day pre-k and childcare
– Universal background checks, no open carry, ban assault rifles, make 21 the legal age to own a gun

Garnet Coleman*
Profession: Incumbent
Key Facts:
– Codify Obamacare protections in constitution, protect patients with pre-existing conditions
– Red flag laws and background checks
– Clean energy jobs
– Supports the idea of an Independent Redistricting Committee

Garnet Coleman’s Answers to USA4R Candidate Questionnaire

Colin Ross
Profession: Works in Grease Industry
Key Facts:
– Wants to model healthcare on Singapore’s system
– Supports ranked choice voting and an Independent Redistricting Commission to end gerrymandering
– Doesn’t believe new restrictions are necessary on guns, thinks a victimless crime bill would drop homicide rates 50-75%
– Cornerstone of his campaign is a victimless crimes bill that would make no activity between consenting adults a crime, unless it violates someone else’s rights

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