Justice for Asylum Seekers on the Texas-Mexico Border

The refugee crisis at the border must be stopped. 

Refugees coming to America are being extorted, tortured, raped, and murdered under new policy implemented this summer in 2019 by the Trump administration, according to a new episode of This American Life. Trump is also directing immigration authorities to illegally deny refugees entry according to several whistleblowers. 

Under Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, all refugees are turned back to wait in Mexico in camps in horrible conditions. Neither the American nor Mexican governments are doing much to protect the immigrants in these makeship camps. Instead, refugees are preyed upon by the cartels. While This American Life reporters were interviewing refugees, a family they had interviewed was kidnapped immediately after. People are killed when they can’t pay their ransoms. Women are raped. 

The incompetence and inhumanity of both the American and Mexican governments is unacceptable. Please, please, for anybody who cares about morality and human suffering… it’s time for the Trump administration to go.